Guided Fishing

thumb_fishing_guiding_002NZ Backcountry Guides operates a fully Guided Fishing service for trout in the many rivers, lakes and streams throughout the New Zealand South Island high country, and for salmon in the braided rivers of the Canterbury high country. The fishing may not necessarily be easy, but the challenge of pitting your skills against truly wild trout or the mighty Chinook salmon is very rewarding. There are opportunities for novices through to experts to see many fish in a day fishing.

thumb_fishing_guiding_006Most of the rivers, lakes and streams throughout the region have trout averaging 1 -2.5 kg. We can also use a 4WD or a helicopter to access the more remote areas where the trout average in excess of 2.5 -3 kg. In many of the waters we fish there are often opportunities for you to hook a truly exceptional trophy Brown or Rainbow trout. We are also able to access some small mountain lakes which have world class trophy Brook trout. More on Trout Fishing...

thumb_fishing_guiding_005Fly fishing is allowed on any fishable water in New Zealand and there is a wide variance of conditions. The bulk of our fly fishing is in rivers and streams and only when conditions dictate do we fish the lakes. For your enjoyment, we recommend anglers should be able to cast with some degree of accuracy, but not necessarily for long distances as many fish are taken within 4 -5 metres.

364-guided-fishingOur Fishing Guides operate in most weather conditions as it is usually possible to find fishable weather somewhere within the South Island. However, there may be occasions when the weather will dictate a change of fishing method or location. If you have chosen to join us for one of our travelling fishing packages, we will choose our direction of travel and locations to take best advantage of the weather during your stay. For those who really want to reach the remote backcountry or may be short of time, we have a some very special Heli-fishing options.

Catch and Release

fishing_guiding_003On our Guided Fishing Trips, we voluntarily practice catch and release at all times in order to sustain and preserve our fish stocks. This philosophy helps to maintain an equilibrium in our trout and salmon populations, ensuring New Zealands fine angling heritage continues for future generations. Should you wish to keep a fish please let us know prior to your trip.

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