Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing



For those of you interested specifically in New Zealand Trout Fishing, NZ Backcountry Guides operates a fully Guided Fishing service for the different types of trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, and brook trout in the many rivers, lakes, and streams of the South Island backcountry. 


thumb_trout_002Most of the rivers lakes and streams throughout the Central South Island have trout averaging 1 - 2.5 kg. Our Fishing Guide uses a 4WD to access some of the more remote area’s where the trout average in excess off 2.5 - 3kg and often travel throughout the greater South Island in search of trophy trout. In many of the waters we fish there are often opportunities to hook a truly exceptional trophy brown or rainbow trout, and close to our base in Methven we are also able to access some small mountain lakes which hold world class trophy brook trout.


thumb_trout_001Fly fishing is allowed on any fishable water and there is a wide variance of conditions. The bulk of the fly fishing is in rivers and streams, and when conditions dictate, we fish the lakes. Anglers should be able to cast with some degree of accuracy, but not necessarily for long distances. Many fish are hooked within 4 - 5 metres. Many of the smaller rivers and streams have restricted casting due to bush or trees, while most of the larger rivers and more remote areas have unrestricted casting, but may be susceptible to wind.


trout_005The majority of the trout fishing is clear water sight fishing - sighting the fish, stalking in to position and then carefully presenting a fly to the trout. A good pair of polaroid glasses and dull coloured clothing are considered essential for this style of fishing. Waders are not essential as the weather is often warm, and because of the walking involved with this style of fishing, many anglers prefer to wet wade. If you prefer to use waders, wading technology has come a long way and waterproof breathable waders are excellent. 

Check out our Guided Fishing Trip Packages and Prices, our Guided Fishing FAQs page or contact us for more information if you're looking for a Trout Fishing Guide.

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