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guided_hunting_002First and foremost, New Zealand is regarded as a premiere Guided Hunting destination for big game trophy hunting, with twelve species of big game available, as well as some excellent small game and waterfowl hunting.

guided_hunting_004NZ Backcountry Guides takes pride in the fact that we are able to provide the best in free range fair chase hunting. this adherence to the ethic of taking a trophy by pitting your skills alone, on a one to one basis with the trophy sought, is not without its difficulties. For the sportsman we provide the best in ethical New Zealand Game Hunting where the trophy is in the taking, not the record book.

guided_hunting_005If you would like to pit your skills against the majestic tahr, agile chamois, mighty red stag, cunning fallow buck, or wily sika stag, NZ Backcountry Guides offers free range fair chase Guided Hunting Trips on both public and private land, and a limited number of Game Estate hunts. Read more about our Chamois Hunting, Deer Hunting (including Red Stag, Sika Deer and Fallow Buck) and Tahr Hunting...

Free range fair chase hunting in New Zealand is almost always strenuous, usually in rugged terrain, frequently time consuming and often dictated by the weather. In order to take a trophy, a trip of at least 5 or 6 days in the hunting area is recommended. If time is short, we are able to continue with a tradition of high success rates by either hunting on select private blocks, on a Game Estate or by using a helicopter for access.

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